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Our vision was simple. Food: just like we'd make at home. Fresh salads, creative sandwiches, comfort food, and of course, dessert.
Watch out for "Pop-up" Dinners & Brunch!

Quick Facts:


We deliver lunch within the downtown Williamson and South Williamson area.


34:ATE is owned and operated by Debbie Young, Robyn Gannon, and Natalie Taylor.


The doors opened in September of 2014 and they have been serving up fresh lunches and hosting pop-up dinners ever since.


In 2017 we were named one of the 101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia by the West Virginia Tourism Department.


Where did we get the name? The Bible! Psalms 34:8. Look it up!


Our favorite places/food to eat:

Debbie: Cru Cafe - Charleston, SC

Robyn: Spaulding Donuts - Lexington, KY

Natalie - Max Brenner - New York, NY







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